Event menus

Delicatessen Restaurant Services brings impressive, delicious catered food for special events in Espoo, Vantaa, Helsinki and elsewhere in the Uusimaa Region.

Delicatessen whips up unforgettable special event menus for weddings, birthdays and various types of company parties, like summer parties or anniversaries. Special event menus are planned from start to finish to ensure a cohesive final product. Based on the menu, food is served either with a buffet or with table service.

Delicatessen Restaurant Services will create a special event menu to suit your needs.  A wonderful event menu is the cherry on top of any great wedding or special day.

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Tailor-made solutions are possible, too. Please be in touch with our sales service by e-mail or by calling +358 (0) 20 798 3060.

Our tips for organizing a party or event

Here we've listed a small list of things you should take note of when planning an event and putting together a special event menu.

  • How many guests are coming?
  • Are guests coming from afar or are they locals?
  • Is the event meant to last the entire day or just to be short?
  • What kinds of requirements or opportunities does the event venue bring for the menu and its preparations?
  • If you are using a meeting or event venue that is not Delicatessen's, do they allow outside catering?
  • Do you already know when the event will be?
  • What kind of budget do you have for the catering?
  • In addition to the food, do you need any staff, dishes, tablecloths or other things, like flower arrangements?
  • Do you prefer buffet-style dining or table service?

Refined flavours

Mother's Day Menu
Special days deserve a special effort. You can order an appropriate Mother's Day Menu from us and save yourself the trouble of planning. At Restaurant Haltia, a Mother's Day lunch is served. Learn more about Restaurant Haltia here.

Wedding Menu
Are you wondering what to serve at your wedding? A number of our menu options also work well for weddings. We can also tailor a wedding menu for your needs as needed.

Christmas Party Menu
Is it time to brighten up the darkest days of the year with your team? A tasty Christmas party menu can include hearty options and a full meal or a menu for a cocktail event with finger food.

Vegetarian and vegan menu
Our delicious plant-based menus are fresh and plentiful with lots of options, including a number of refined flavour profiles..

Do you want more information?
We would love to tell you more about our services, whether you want to know about a graduation menu, wedding menu, Christmas party or vegetarian and vegan menu. We will create a tailor-made solution for you, according to your needs.