Delicatessen Ravintolapalvelut

On land, at sea – and almost in the air as well!

Delicatessen was founded before the turn of the millennium in 1996, when the company ran a small lunch restaurant in Oulunkylä. The company expanded to catering services already during its first year of operation, when Delicatessen was asked to do catering for the owner’s friend’s wedding. After excellent feedback from the guests, catering business continued alongside the lunch restaurant. With popularity, the company’s operation has expanded, and Delicatessen has made sure that tasty food and quality service has been available at places like the restaurant Koskenranta, Klondyke, the Pieni Roobertinkatu police station, a peninsular cruise ship, Talin Kartano and the Malmi airport; in other words, on land, at sea and almost in the air.

Based on customers’ needs and wishes

The wishes of Delicatessen’s customers have strongly influenced the history-filled party venues the company offers its customers today for their important moments. Laughter, singing, happiness, tears of joy and a broad spectrum of emotions will be seen and experienced again this year at Delicatessen’s personalised and spacious party premises.

Onward with quality and responsibility

Delicatessen is a strongly domestic, reliable and responsible company. All foods are cooked in a professional kitchen, and the company takes responsibility for tasty, beautiful, uncomplicated and consistent menus that can flexibly be customised to the customer’s wishes. Delicatessen’s values include flexibility, reliability, quality, responsibility (corporate social responsibility) and appreciation of customers and personnel, all of which are demonstrated in our everyday work.


  • Petri Sahlstén, restauranteer
  • Heidi Saari, sales manager, partner
  • Ari Ainasto, partner
  • Crister Nyberg, partner
  • Sami Manelius, CEO
  • Petra Merranmaa, sales service
  • Aleksi Heino, sales service